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Suggestions for wellbeing tourism

for touristic providers. Small changes can have great effects. Here you can get inspiration for first steps!


  • Ensure quality sleeping by offering a quiet, dark environment with fresh air and comfortable beds, preferably with anti-allergic bedding.

  • Provide healthy food options including fresh, natural or ecological ingredients and lots of vegetables. Promote the healthy options in your menu card and make them appealing and a convenient choice – also for kids.

  • Inspire people to move the body. Provide information on easily accessible walking, biking or running routes and inspire guest to use them. 


  • Give people new insight, knowledge, and inspiration. Present local history and culture. Share your story and let them share theirs.

  • Provide transparent information about all ingredients in your cooking. This will make it easy to make safe and preferred choices for people with allergies, intolerances, or just preferences.

  • Think positive! Your thoughts affect your behavior and it will affect others to think more positively too. Everybody will be happier.


  • Show your guests that you appreciate them: Make eye contact while talking to them, notice and care for the needs of both guests and staff, put a handwritten welcome board in the lobby or personal card in the room, make sure staff is genuinely kind.

  • Make joy and interaction easy. Make the lounge a pleasurable place. Put up a swing, make board games, magazines, and books accessible free of charge. Trust people. Make them feel at home and relaxed. 

  • Give guests a chance to do something good or kind and show you appreciate it. Put up a donation box or provide bags for picking up litter. 

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  • Minimizing your waste is key to a sustainable use of natural resources. After having minimized the production of waste, consider if some can be recycled and used. One person's trash can be another's treasure! 

  • You use clean transport to the greatest extent possible and you also communicate to your employees and guests how they can travel to and from you as environmentally friendly as possible.

  • Natural resources shall be enough for a whole Planet, so you put a lot of effort into doing a lot with little. You choose new purchases carefully and invest in good quality and/or in second-hand items and you save on your water and energy consumption. 


  • Be transparent in your offers and provide your customers with the information they need to enjoy your products or services with carefreeness. Make them feel seen and considered by universal design of your venue and inform your customers about your product content. 

  • Use local products from local suppliers and exchange goods and services as much. Present yourself and the co-creators behind your offering and give your employees and customers an awareness of the authenticity and connection to the surrounding.

  • Reflect your carefor your guests and your intentions to do good. Personal greetings, online or by a phone call is a way to create a relationship in advance. Communicate your awareness and intentions to meet the needs of others. 


  • Share and co-create with community.  Sharing your resources with community, for instance holding a charity event in your hotel and having people visiting your hotel for the event, can result in new business opportunities and mutual benefits for you and the community. It's prosperity for all.

  • Go local. You can have direct contribution to the region's employment by employing local people in your company with fair and stable income or working with local suppliers and contractors.

  • Your community is your home of wellbeing. If you contribute to its quality of life and prosperity, as part of that community, you will benefit too. That's true happiness.