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Discover the Vogelparkregion Recknitztal

Start your journey through the Vogelparkregion Recknitztal. You can go on a hike, make a pilgrimage, take a bike, canoe or raft to discover the biodiverse nature. Either you start your adventure on your own or you join a certified nature guide to learn more about the hidden natural treasures. Enjoy the silence!

One of the greatest attractions in our region is the bird park zoo in Marlow. Meet wild animals from different continents in walk-in compounds and aviaries. Kids can enjoy different play areas. Every day, you can experience airshows and admire the majestic birds being active.

You can enter a generous cycle- and hiking path network starting from the city of Marlow. You will pass by faraway villages with historic manor houses and churches, and can visit local artists and artisans. Or you can learn about the long history of salt in our region.

You can enter a whole different world when you start a trip on the river Recknitz. In the past, the river was the natural border between the regions Mecklenburg and Pomerania. It was used as trade route for goods like salt and natural produce. Today, you can discover the river during a quiet canoeing tour and experience the quietness of nature.

Seeing beautiful nature, making new experiences, spending time with loved ones – during vacation time, we want to refuel our energy. The Vogelparkregion Recknitztal is dedicated to make your holidays the most wellbeing possible. What matters is not the climate zone but the reliability of the place, the honesty of its inhabitants, and offers based on valuable products and services.


Holiday homes

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Being active with kids

Start your journey with kids and make new experiences.

Regional products & culture

Regional products & culture

Try regional delicacies and take a look into the cultural heriatge of the region.

Being active in nature

Start your adventure on foot, by bike or with a canoe.

Wellbeing tourism

Wellbeing tourism

Learn more about the new trend wellbeing tourism with sustainable offers.